Currently, there is no easy way for analysts in one school system to leverage analysts’ skills and knowledge in another state or district. Additionally, education researchers are developing advanced methods and techniques to answer important questions, but their code often remains locked in the ivory tower or in think tanks. Through an open community, we can begin to break down barriers and democratize education data analysis. Here is how:

Join the Conversation:

OpenSDP is a community of education data analysts working together. Come join us in our Slack channel to find others tackling similar problems and connect with resources to help you with your challenges. Build great analytics together.

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Contribute New Analyses:

SDP has a detailed contributor guide available on GitHub to help you get started building analyses of your own that you can share with the OpenSDP community.

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Run Contributed Analyses:

Select the repository of analysis that you want explore from our Analysis library. Clone, download, or fork resources to your computer. Then, open the code and synthetic data, and run it with Stata or R. Adapt to your local data by cleaning and formatting your data to match the analysis specifications, and use the web guide as a resource while you code.

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Improve Existing Analyses:

We encourage you to modify, break and add to the code we’ve released thus far. Visit OpenSDP on GitHub, choose and clone your repository of interest, modify or add to it, and then send us a pull request to update the main branch of the particular OpenSDP repository.

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Do you have something else to share? Let us know: